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Associate Principal - Finland

Olli Nieminen

Olli has ten years of experience ranging across management consulting, corporate & business development and capital markets. Prior to joining TRC he worked for ABB, a global electrification and automation company, on topics such as adjacent growth, strategic mgmt. process development, M&A, venture investments and agile at scale. Olli also worked as a management consultant at Marakon in, e.g., Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Financial Services and Utilities sectors. Projects at Marakon focused on strategic value growth topics including corporate & division strategy development, portfolio optimization, business transformation and inorganic growth. Olli has worked mostly in Europe but also on projects in North America, Australasia and South Africa. 


Outside work Olli enjoys spending time with family & friends - especially pick-up matches in tennis and ice hockey or skateboarding sessions. 


Olli holds a Master’s degree from London Business School and a Bachelor’s degree from Aalto University School of Business. His studies focused mainly on finance, management and strategy. 

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