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Go To Market Transformation and 
Commercial Effectiveness

Delivering sustainable profitable growth is hard.  Sometimes 'strategy' is the issue, but often it is the underlying commercial model that needs to be strengthened to capture an organization's full growth potential.

  • We work with our clients to accelerate profitable growth by arming the organization with tools, insights and processes necessary to enhance commercial effectiveness and deliver on more ambitious growth playbooks.

  • The toolkit we deploy is tailored to each client situation but often involves core elements such as segmentation, value proposition definition, sales effectiveness and pipeline development.

  • Insight on the customer is critical, both via external research into needs and behaviors but also an in-depth assessment of  key customer metrics such as retention, attrition, acquisition, and profitability.

  • Process change can range from simple tweaks to sales tactics and messaging to a more significant re-structure of the overall go-to-market model in terms of channel mix, sales structure and incentives.

Regardless of the means, the fundamental objective is stronger growth, more profitable growth, and a higher bang for the buck on an organization's commercial investment. The slides below allow you to access some relevant case studies from our work.

Large Paper Rolls

Industrial Adhesive and Paper Manufacturer Case Study


Global supplier of pressure sensitive adhesives that needed a discrete set of commercial priorities that would drive the deployment of a new technology to maximize near-in and longer term profit growth.


Product re-launch growth strategy and sales pipeline development informed via customer portfolio analysis, proprietary customer research and external market analysis.


Outcome and Impact:

Credible and actionable playbook to penetrate a $300M market opportunity

Subsequent PE exit was highly accretive exit to investors.

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