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Students & Entry-Level Careers

At TRC Advisory, we believe in providing our interns and undergraduate hires with a hands-on and enriching experience. From day one, you'll be an integral part of our dynamic consulting team, tackling real-world challenges alongside seasoned professionals. We take pride in offering opportunities that empower members of our team to take ownership of their projects and career development, while making a genuine impact on both our teams and clients.

Discover what TRC Advisory has to offer:

1. Meaningful Responsibilities: When you join TRC Advisory, you become an essential part of our consulting projects. You will be assigned to a team where you'll work on real-time client engagements, making valuable contributions from start to finish.

2. Mentorship and Guidance: We understand that growth comes through guidance. At TRC Advisory, you'll have access to experienced mentors who will help you navigate the consulting landscape and provide personalized feedback to support your professional development.

3. Client Interaction: Starting day one, we believe in giving our teammates as much exposure as possible. You will truly be a part of the project and invited to participate in client meetings, gaining first-hand experience in understanding and addressing client needs.

4. Skill Development: We encourage continuous learning and growth. During your time at TRC Advisory, you'll have opportunities to sharpen your skills through workshops, training sessions, and access to valuable resources.

5. Collaborative Environment: Teamwork is at the heart of our success. You'll be part of a collaborative and inclusive work culture, where your ideas and perspectives will be valued and embraced. Being a boutique firm has its benefits, allowing everyone to be a direct contributor to firm initiatives and projects.

6. Networking Opportunities: At TRC Advisory, you'll have the chance to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds all around the US (and even Europe), building a network that can shape your future career.

7. Fun and Rewarding Experience: We work hard, but we also know how to have fun. From team-building activities to social events, we recognize contributions from our teammates.

Undergraduate Recruiting Timeline

Start of Recruiting Season
Undergraduate Full-Time Hires
Undergraduate Summer Interns
Undergraduate Spring Co-Op
Undergraduate Fall Co-Op
Beginning of August
Beginning of October
Beginning of August
During September and October
Beginning of November
Beginning of August
During September and October
Beginning of November
Beginning of February
Beginning of
Resume Screening and Interviews
End of Recruiting Season

If you're interested in working with TRC, apply here.

For questions and more information please reach out to our undergraduate recruiting team at

Only entry-level and experienced hire applications can be found on our LinkedIn.  Co-Op applications can be found on your respective school's site.

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