Our focus remains consistent with what our leadership team has been doing for more than two decades: assist clients in upgrading strategic planning and commercial deployment in a manner that improves the quality and pace of decision making, maximizes and accelerates performance impact, and leaves a sustainable framework in place built around the following fundamentals:


  • More rigorous and consistent business segmentation

  • Better market, competitive and economic insight across those business segments

  • Clear strategies for where to play and how to win

  • Alignment on a short list of priorities associated with delivering on that strategy and maximizing growth and value creation

  • Tighter alignment between strategy, resource allocation and performance management



Our work with clients is heavily tailored to meet their underlying needs in any given situation.  That said, many of our engagements can be closely associated with one (or more) of four core capabilities that our clients find most distinctive:


  • Market Driven Strategy Development and Deployment: Leverage externally grounded insight into market profit pools, competitive positioning and accessible headroom as a basis for driving alignment and accountability around those strategies, priorities and actions most likely to move the needle on performance.  For more details click here.

  • Customer Led Growth Acceleration: Build out a better understanding of customer needs, buying behavior and economics as a means of upgrading existing commercial processes, and uncovering and executing against new opportunities to drive growth via share gain, new market entry or value based pricing.  For more details click here.

  • Value Based Portfolio Management: Set clear value goals and work back from those targets to identify the portfolio strategy and mix of investment (e.g. target markets/platforms, organic vs. inorganic, restructuring vs. growth, etc.) most likely to deliver the best value to risk profile.  For more details click here.

  • New Venture Development: Bring our experience as entrepreneurs to help early stage teams define their target markets and sources of advantage, communicate with investors, raise capital and make quick progress against their near-in goals.  For more details click here.