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TRC Advisory is a boutique consulting firm focused on working with clients to define and deploy the strategies and tactics necessary to consistently outperform competitors and investor expectations.  Our work is both analytically rigorous and highly collaborative in nature.  We seek to build alignment behind those decisions and actions that will maximize and accelerate performance impact via growth and profitability enhancement.  We work in a manner which addresses near-in priorities while also establishing the underlying organizational capabilities necessary to enhance the quality and pace of decision making and delivery over time.


After two decades + of experience working in management consulting, we founded TRC on the basis of three core beliefs:

  1. You don’t need an army to have impact: the greatest value an external advisor can bring to their clients is objective challenge and collaborative engagement which leads to better alignment behind – and clearer accountability for – those choices most likely to deliver the best combination of growth and profitability improvement going forward.  This happens via a ‘smartly’ leveraged engagement between our senior team and the clients’ senior teams – not via the deployment of as many consulting FTEs as possible.  In this regard we depart from the business model of our larger competitors.

  2. You don’t need to pay top $ for top caliber advice: average consulting rates among the majors have soared upwards of 80-100k per FTE per month.  These rates are necessary to support the economic model of larger firms heavily invested in their brands, infrastructure and traditional leverage models.  TRC is different.  On a directly comparable basis, we would stack any of our teams up against those from the larger firms, yet our client-centric, streamlined operating model enables us to conduct our work at roughly half the comparable rates.

  3. You don't need the same advice your competitors are getting: Top tier performance is not possible without a differentiated strategy which reflects an understanding of where you are best positioned to win, and how you can be competitively advantaged vs. others.  Experience in your industry is a valuable asset of any advisor, but off the shelf solutions are not always the best way to break from the pack.  At TRC, we recognize the client knows their industry best, and our role is to bring a rigorous approach that ensures that knowledge is translated into better strategies and more effective execution. 






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