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Managing Director

Mason Kissell

Mason has over 35 years of management consulting experience.  Prior to TRC, he worked with Marakon Consulting, where he served for 17 years as their Global Managing Director.


Mason is a trusted advisor to senior leaders on issues spanning corporate turnarounds, growth and innovation, resource allocation and productivity, and M&A/divestitures. He challenges engrained views by leveraging a deep understanding of how organization, strategy, operations, and finance are linked to enterprise value.


Examples of Mason’s impact:


  • Doubled the value of a global ingredients company through realigning customer offer, cost to serve, price, and innovation investment.

  • Doubled the market/book of an EP&C company by reframing the view of profitable customers from gross margin (>90% profitable) to a more discerning risk-adjusted profit approach (<30% profitable) - and put in place a playbook for where to “get more, get better, get out.”

  • Redirected leadership of a global pharmaceutical from ‘sale’ to ‘split’ of a material (but depleting) non-core asset, to maximize value capture

  • Positioned OTC business for sale at a 50% premium to its intrinsic value by restoring growth in NA business and expanding to select international markets.


Mason is motivated by the challenge and privilege that comes with helping senior leaders address their most pressing issues and is fully committed to the success of the businesses and people with whom he works.  He builds organizational commitment to act through better facts, a clear point of view, and a focus on capabilities and results - never one without the other.


Graduate of Harvard Business School and Denison University.


Dedicated husband, and father to three adult kids.  Passion for fly fishing and working in the outdoors.

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