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Martin Smith

Martin has been with TRC for over 8 years, helping to solve complex problems involving consumer segmentation, retail channels and product positioning, adjacent market growth, manufacturing footprint optimization, and strategic growth paths. His work has helped TRC clients to launch an e-commerce strategy, win new retail channel partners, expand margins, and optimize their market participation and competitive choices. Prior to TRC, Martin worked for the New York office of AMR International. He brings over a decade of consulting experience overall.


Aside from consulting, Martin has also worked in corporate finance and public policy. As a lobbyist and advisor, he helped a previously unknown organization to effect a major change in UK tax law, leading to features in government relations publications.


Hailing from the southwest of England where he is once again based, and having lived in the US, UK, Germany, and Belgium, Martin has used his German and French language skills to play a leading role in many of our European projects. He also introduced the rest of the TRC team to lower-league English soccer as a fan of Plymouth Argyle a long time before Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, and Wrexham made it fashionable in the US.


In the rest of his time, he is usually to be found running and working towards building on his 9 marathons to date.

Martin holds an MBA from London Business School, where his studies included an exchange semester at NYU Stern.

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