We know that the best way to grow our business is to consistently deliver advice and impact to our clients that generates a high return on the investment they make in our support. Our senior team members are therefore actively involved in the delivery of our client work, not overly focused on selling while leaving execution to others. Our approach is disciplined and data-driven, relying on an intimate understanding of our client's unique positioning in its markets and vs. competition. We understand the value of best practices but don't rely on standardized off-the-shelf solutions. Most fundamentally, we believe that sound analysis alone is not sufficient to drive change, and therefore our engagement model is highly collaborative, focused on provoking challenge but also building ownership amongst the client team. Our ability to deliver results is reflected in our enduring relationships with our clients and the testimonials they offer.

In general, we get hired to do some combination of three things: identify and build alignment around critical strategy decisions, enhance commercial effectiveness as a means to accelerating growth, and/or embed stronger pricing and performance disciplines. Further information on each of these disciplines and associated case studies can be accessed via the thumbnails below. The work we do spans industry verticals and geographies. TRC teams have deployed in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Western Europe, Eastern Europe (including Russia), and Latin America.


Build alignment around those participation and/or competitive strategies, priorities, and actions most likely to move the needle on value creation and performance

Accelerating profitable growth by arming the organization with tools, insights, and processes necessary to enhance commercial effectiveness and deliver on more ambitious growth playbooks

Establish the toolkit and organizational capabilities necessary to deliver a substantive increase in profits via new pricing disciplines, mix enrichment, and/or productivity improvement