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Associate Principal

William Esch

William has over 11 years of experience in management consulting serving corporate and private equity clients across industries including manufacturing, B2B services, and enterprise software verticals.

William has worked alongside executive leadership teams to pull the right revenue and cost levers to improve profitability.  Moreover, William has the communications savvy and know-how to work with clients from the shop floor to the C-suite to develop and deliver on strategic aims.

Prior to joining TRC, William worked at Stax Inc. and as an independent contractor performing buy-side due-diligence and executing on growth strategy work. This work includes market assessments, demand drivers, key procurement criterion, customer journeys and evaluation of competitive landscapes. He is also experienced in supply chain and procurement consulting while working for a pair of Chicago-based boutique consulting firms.

In his free time, William enjoys being in the great outdoors, including skiing , hiking, SCUBA diving and beach volleyball.

William holds a BA in Economics and International Business (Honors) from The University of Iowa.

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