Collaborative Style
Challenge with Empathy
Tailored Advice and Solutions

TRC was founded and built on the basis of a belief that there was a better way to deliver advice and impact to clients.  More senior-led engagement with smaller teams made up of strong players top to bottom.  Less big-brand overhead, excessive expense and hierarchy associated with the larger firms.
Tim Romberger

Founder and Managing Director

Our Approach and Style

Our work is analytically rigorous but highly collaborative in nature.  We balance near-in impact with developing the underlying capabilities necessary to enhance the quality and pace of decision making over time.

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Pinpointing Organizational Blind Spots

Blind spots in how companies see their performance, market positioning and capabilities naturally represent opportunities to unlock value creation opportunities.  We leverage well-grounded analysis to highlight critical insights and motivate behavioral change.

Senior-Led Collaborative Model

Our directors spend time doing – not just selling – the work.  Our consultants recognize that a good working relationship is as critical as a well-structured analysis.  The result is a collaborative engagement model where we bring objective challenge but with a focus on client ownership and accountability.

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Impact Orientation

We measure ourselves not by the quality of the report, but by the actions taken, and the performance realized.  As much as informing the decisions themselves, we focus on narrowing the gap between decision-making and effective execution.

"TRC was a fantastic partner for our team – able to quickly understand our culture and mission while bringing the analytics and objective challenge necessary to drive alignment on a strategy and implementation path that has helped us build from a position of strength and continue to outperform the competition"
Nish Vartanian, CEO  - MSA Safety

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